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The "team" of appartementsKOFLER that is Elfi, Otmar and Philip.

We are passionate about our village and our small family business.

Even if it does not look like it, the house in its foundations is around 200 years old. Of course, it didn't start out as an accommodation business, but as a farm and carpentry shop. The so called "Hausererkapelle", a small place of worship in front of our house is not only a reminder of the former ensemble of farm buildings, but also that now and then our soul needs a break from the busy lifes we all live - a break we nowadays would like  to provide our guests at our house.

What our ancestors have built up in small steps over years and sometimes even plastered over, we have been trying to bring back to the light of day and rejuvenate over the last couple of years. Massive stone walls and old wooden elements, our 70-year-old larch stairs and also some pieces of furniture that Grandpa made among them.

Venturing out into the wide world as a sinologist, only to rediscover his home, Philip is now also lending a hand and continuing what began 60 years ago with some small guest rooms next to the barn. 


Slow Travel

Sustainability is our top priority and for us it's not just a marketing gimmick but a way of life. A train journey to us is therefore not only recommended, but also convenient due to the location.

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