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Apartment 1

Sit on the balcony on the 1st floor, let your eyes wander towards the south-east and enjoy the scent of wood.

53 m²

2 - 5 persons

Apartment 2

The first rays of the morning sun from the south wake you up on the first floor.

75 m²

4 persons

Apartment 3

A private large terrace facing north-west to catch the evening sun.

22 m² terrace

39 m²

2-4 persons

Apartment 4

With a wonderful view to the south-east on your own balcony on the second floor.

36 m²

2-4 persons

Apartment 5

The small apartment with a south-facing balcony to enjoy the morning sun.

27 m²

1-2 persons

Apartment 6

The large apartment on the second floor with its own south-facing balcony to enjoy the sun's rays.

95 m²

6-7 persons

Apartment 8

The view from the south-east facing balcony is unique, enjoy the sun all around.

80 m²

4 - 7 persons


The studio on the second floor without a balcony, but with an almost all-round view.


20 m²

1 - 2 persons

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